Advanced praise for Calvin Klein

In the tradition of Donald Barthelme and Kelly Link, James Gianetti blends fantasy, humor, and tenderness to take us on an odyssey of road-kill snacks, glam rock sing-a-longs, bathtub boges, and most importantly, deep reflection on the nature of fear and the power of friendship to help us overcome it. Gianetti tells us that every monster has their scared person; reading Calvin Klein, you’ll find yourself wishing for a lovable monster like Calvin to stand by your side (or in your closet) in your own scary moments.

        – Rebecca Van Laer, Author of How to Adjust to The Dark

James Gianetti’s new novelette offers a refreshing and heartbreaking twist on the childhood tale of the monster in the closet. It asks us to consider: what if that monster and its scare-tactics were there to help, not hurt? Through prose that is at once humorous, visceral, and endearing, Gianetti explores the complex comfort to be found in the fears we carry with us, and the inherent struggle we face in overcoming them, in letting them go. Calvin Klein poignantly examines the monsters (both real and figurative) that we cling to, contend with, and eventually say goodbye to, as we grow up and come to terms with our true selves. It is a story that sticks around long after reading, making us look fondly on the monsters in our own lives that got us to where we are today.

        – Brenna McPeek, Editor in Chief of Fatal Flaw Literary Magazine

James Gianetti’s Calvin Klein is an exploration of the monstrous fear, grit, and love found within the most intimate of human experiences. Gianetti’s narrative voice is somewhere between George Saunders and Katherine Dunn, filtered through the ooze of an 80s chiller flick, and warmed with genuine, earnest heart. The relationship between Sam and his monster, Cal, is fragile and heartrending—a sort of delayed coming of age—but also strong and full of hope: a friendship worthy of Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin Klein has the blood, guts, and love all humans (and humanoids) deserve. 

        – Michael Giddings, Author of Kelly Marie Wants to Talk to You



Praise for The Town of Jasper 

“A powerful thriller that crosses several genres without falling into the trap of formula writing. The evolving social and political struggles and alliances between the survivors compete with the best of survivalist sagas.” – Midwest Book Review

A completely original mystery-thriller part of a tradition that stretches back to Poe’s use of the Pendulum to evoke the undertow of human imagination.” – Notanotherbookreview

“Gianetti has knocked it out of the park with this compelling and psychologically frightening tale. The Town of Jasper is a gripping thriller that examines our fears and prejudices” – The Grumpy Book Reviewer

“A fabulous debut. This book was so suspenseful that I looked forward to waking up in the middle of the night and not going back to sleep to finish it.”       – Ken Sarfin, Books & Greetings Bookstore 

“A fresh take on the isolated town story. A well written, rich, dark and powerful thriller that readers need to read. This book showcases a true calling to writing for James Gianetti” – Blogger, Author,  Anthony Avina